Trust and Company

Trust and Company Management and Administration (Monegasque and foreign)

In each country, member firms offer a modern local taxation service that provides clients with front-line advice, generates ideas and supports clients with a high quality compliance service in all aspects of local taxation, corporate and personal.

Because of Moore Stephens member firms'long involvement in international commercial matters, advice on appropriate structures for clients'international operations, having regard both to practicality and the tax factors involved, has become a speciality of the firm. The skills in the provision of these services cover all forms of commercial activity, large and small, both on a corporate and a personal basis. The services that are provided are tailored so that both international and local implications are taken into account and, in any individual case, the offices in the relevant jurisdictions work together to achieve a highly effective structure for the client and thereafter provide the necessary compliance services.

The firms in the key low tax jurisdictions of the world provide high quality services to clients and play an important role in structures for them when their tax planning advice shows that it is both worthwhile and appropriate that they should do so.

The establishment and administration of trusts

The establishment and administration of trusts is undertaken either in Monaco or through other Moore Stephens International Limited member firms located in principal trust jurisdictions.

Our in-house trustee(and excutor) in accordance with the Monaco Law 214, which enables it to act in respect of Monegasque trusts.

In each jurisdiction where trust law is operative, the Moore Stephens member firms provide comprehensive trustee and supporting administrative and accounting services.  These are complemented, whether trust law operates or not, with personal financial services in  the planning, pensions, inheritance and other taxation fields in each country in which they operate.

Company Management

A company management service is available for companies of any jurisdiction.

In appropriate circumstances Moore Stephens Services SAM is able to offer company formation services, provision of company secretary, directors, and registered office services either in Monaco or through the Moore Stephens International Limited world-wide network of member firms.

Our fees are charged for work done, rather than as a percentage of assets held.

We are able to assist the clients in areas of estate planning other than that of the ownership of investment portfolios.