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The children of foreign residents are well catered for from a very young age.

The Principality has a complete portfolio of public and private educational establishments, from kindergarten to the final year of secondary school. English and computer skills are taught from primary school.

For advanced studies the International University of Monaco offers an undergraduate course for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, as well as a range of postgraduate courses including the MBA, Master of Business Administration.


Despite the size of the territory the Principality’s health facilities are numerous both public and private, including Princess Grace Hospital, and the Cardio-Thoracic Surgical Centre (CCM), which is run by the world-renowned heart surgeon Professor Vincent Dor. Also opened in 2006, is the Institute of Sports Medicine and Surgery (IM2S) which specialises in osteo-articular medicine and surgery. IM2S welcomes anyone, whether they practice a sport regularly or not, who wants advice on improving their performance, or who needs medical or surgical treatment, physiotherapy or rehabilitation.


The cultural calendar in Monaco is worthy of a major international metropolis with concerts by the Philharmonic Orchestra, performances by the Monte-Carlo Opera, and, concerts by international rock stars. Furthermore, numerous art galleries, and big exhibitions that create a stir all over the world are staged in the Grimaldi Forum throughout the year contributing to the Principality’s rich cultural life.


Flagship events such as the Monte-Carlo Rally, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Tennis Masters Series, the Herculis athletics meeting attract world-wide press coverage. The national football team, AS Monaco, competes in the French premier league and in European competitions, and a large number of sports federations have their head offices in the Principality.